“Digital Witness”- St. Vincent

“Digital Witness”- St. Vincent

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They are plenty of adjectives you can bandy about when discussing Annie Clark’s music as St. Vincent. Angular, pecuilar, and crestfallen all come to mind. One that would most certainly not register, and leave more than a few people scratching their heads is “funky”. Yet that’s precisely what new cut “Digital Witness” can be described as. Clark’s second release from the forthcoming St. Vincent, “Digital Witness” marks a major left turn from “Birth in Reverse”. Where the latter track still contained the motorik drum beats and guitar-nerd pyrotechnics, “Digital Witness” imagines what would happen if Television reunited and had their comeback album produced by Timbaland. Digitally treated horns lock into an unshakable groove and Clark plays the role of dance-leader perfectly; repeatedly trilling “give me all of your mind, I want all of your mind.” Guitars still ripple in the song, though they’re largely maligned to a background role. “People turn their TV’s on and throw them out the window,” a key passage cryptically reads. The old model may work just fine, but why not try something new?

St. Vincent is out February 25 through Republic/Loma Vista. Check out the tracklist below and listen to the song here.

St. Vincent:

1. “Rattlesnake”
2. “Birth In Reverse”
3. “Prince Johnny”
4. “Huey Newton”
5. “Digital Witness”
6. “I Prefer Your Love”
7. “Regret”
8. “Bring Me Your Loves”
9. “Psychopath”
10. “Every Tear Disappears”
11. “Severed Crossed Fingers”

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