KC Latin Music Summit – KKFI Annual Sustainers Party

2019 KKFI Sustainers Concert

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Kansas City is undergoing a period of real artistic achievement and one of its current talent riches is in Latin music. Ten bands will combine forces into a fifteen-person supergroup for a concert at Knucklehead’s Garage -as a fundraiser for 90.1 KKFI- to demonstrate the power of collaboration through several genres.

This will be a two-hour show that will serve as an opportunity to showcase some of the brightest lights in the Kansas City Latin music scene. Mundo Nouvo will serve as the “house band” and play the opening thirty minutes while contributing support to the other acts during the remainder of the show. Each artist selected will have a member present to play selections from their repertoire with other participants. These artists, and their featured repertoire, will alternate with others in a tightly-choreographed series of smaller combos leading to a climax with every musician onstage playing together for the last thirty minutes.

Musicians include:

Kelfel Aqui: vocals

Ramon Terrada: vocals

Fedra Cooper Barrera: vocals

Angeliqe Staggs: vocals

Andres Ramirez: timbales

Bird Fleming: bongos

Dan Nonweiler: bass

Mark Lowrey: keys

Guy Montes: flute

Janne Silfverberg: trombone

Luis Portillo: tenor sax

David Cunningham: trumpet

Sean Mawhirter: guitar

Michael McClintock: tres

Amado Espinoza: charango

Thanks You to Sean Mawhirter and Inwrought Music Management for producing this KKFI Benefit.