Live Broadcasting 101

The Live Broadcasting curriculum has three parts:

Live Broadcasting 101: In KKFI’s studio: The use of the portable equipment will be demonstrated, then returned to its travel case. Then the students will be asked to take the equipment out of its travel case and make it work. Students will then be asked to pair up and schedule “Live Broadcasting 102” at the mutual convenience of each pair.

Live Broadcasting 102: At least one student in each pair will take the equipment home or to some other remote location and make the equipment work from that remote location with the other person in KKFI’s studios handling the connection between the PAL and Production Studio and confirming with the on-air board operator that they can get the signal.

Live Broadcasting 103: In the actual venue, preferably with two trained people at each end to facilitate troubleshooting. This should be scheduled in two parts: A test session before the actual event followed by the actual event. (A live broadcast in late 2019 did not go well, primarily because we did not allow enough time and recruit enough people to troubleshoot and fix the problems before the scheduled air time.  Part of the problem was that the setup we used changed between the time it was tested and the live event.)


1. Use of Comrex Portable unit:

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2. Comrex Studio‐side Equipment Use Guide for KKFI Remote Broadcasts (