“Feel My Pain”- Kurt Vile

“Feel My Pain”- Kurt Vile

Philly singer/songwriter Kurt Vile could’ve taken the rest of 2013 off after his April release of well-received loping, head-in-the-clouds Wakin On A Pretty Daze, but the supposed slacker isn’t taking it easy on himself. On November 19, Vile will be issuing a deluxe edition of Daze featuring a new EP entitled It’s A Big World Out There (And I Am Scared). One of the seven cuts off of the EP is a song called “Feel My Pain” which Vile refers to as “a particularly meticulous guitar composition.”

The song rides a delicately weathered guitar figure whose occasional slides suggest an end to the sunny days. “We’re all banged up, but who is keeping score?” Vile wonders with his laconic delivery, self-inflicting bruises to the song’s tender frame. Vile’s rambling journey finds towns where fountains flow deep and wide “out there somewhere” and traps where “people go and never come back”. Fledgling promises to “clean up our acts” and “get squeaky clean” float away in the gentle breeze blowing through the song. The dreamy Vile’s modus operandi here remains the word “if”. For such meticulousness with the music, Vile’s lyrics remain frustratingly imprecise.

Wakin On A Pretty Daze: Deluxe Daze (Post Haze) and It’s A Big World Out There (And I Am Scared) are both out November 19 and can be pre-ordered through Matador.

Listen to the new cut here.

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