KKFI Gets PeaceWorks Award!

KKFI Gets PeaceWorks Award!

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PeaceWorks gave a prestigious annual award to KKFI on March 22, during the PeaceWorks Annual Meeting. Henry Stoever, chair of the PeaceWorks Board, announced the award, saying, “KKFI gives voice to so many issues and advocates in Kansas City! We are pleased to give the Kris and Lynn Cheatum Community Peace Award to KKFI.” Tamara Severns, a member of the PeaceWorks Board and the KKFI Board, added, “Let me make this personal. We’re saying yes, KKFI spreads the message of many human rights groups in the city, many justice groups.”

The award bears the names of Kris and Lynn Cheatum, who died within the last five years. Active supporters of KKFI, they were co-chairs of PeaceWorks, members of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, and supporters of the LGBT community and of human rights for all. They led Kansas Citians in seeking a nuclear weapon-free world, promoting massive health insurance reform with Medicare for all, and exposing military atrocities and witnessing for peace. They were quintessential community organizers, and the bestowal of this award, in their names, is a “thank you” to KKFI for working for peace and justice in KC!

Representing KKFI in receiving the award for KKFI were Sharon Lockhart, Amy Bell, Richard Mabion, Mike Nickells, Tamara Severns.


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