Lee Moore joins the “Jaws of Justice Radio” radio production crew at KKFI

Lee Moore joins the “Jaws of Justice Radio” radio production crew at KKFI

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Welcome to Lee Moore, the newest member of the “Jaws of Justice Radio” collective.

Lee Moore’s first Jaws of Justice Radio show was an interview with an ex-felon, Dwayne Ralph Hooker.  The story involves following an ex-offender to gauge how he has handled housing, employment, family and health after leaving prison.  The show aired on November 5, 2012, and shortly we will be updating our listeners on how he is doing.

Lee’s main role with the show has been contributing story ideas and helping out on show mornings by reading the introduction or closing.  He is planning to interview Airick Leonard West, President of the Kansas City, Missouri School Board, regarding a recent “positive” report received by the District.

In his own words, here’s how he came to KKFI.

Lee Moore, new programmer on the KKFI “Jaws of Justice Radio” show

I first became interested in the media during the early to mid 1980’s as an International Economics major at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.  My favorite newsman at the time was Sam Donaldson.  I enjoyed his authoritative voice and his calm, self-controlled demeanor.  I guess I was an impressionable, late teens to early twenties young man who was searching for heroes in his life.  I truly loved the news.  To me, it was special to be “in the know” about many of our society’s key issues.

Shortly after graduating from Georgetown, I published a monthly newspaper called, “Minority Business Journal of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.”  A friend published the same newspaper here in Kansas City, and the first Minority Business Journal was published in New Jersey.  This entrepreneurial venture lasted about 4 years, and I truly had a goal of publishing this newspaper in major cities throughout the United States.  During the economic recession in the early 1990′s I learned a couple of things about the newspaper business; namely, during tough economic times, companies cut janitorial services and advertising!

Last year, I was re-introduced to media through my friend and cousin, Keith Brown, El, a programmer for the KKFI Jaws of Justice Radio Show.  As you can guess, issues pertaining to those who are disenfranchised in our Country are extremely interesting to me.  I have experienced abandonment, desertion, adoption, racism, classism, substance abuse, homelessness, sexual addiction, ageism, discrimination in housing and employment, and a few of America’s other ills, so fostering inclusion for those left on the periphery of our society is naturally an interest of mine.

One of my favorite verses from the Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible says, “A nation that does not take care of its poor will come to ruin.”  I feel the widening stratification between the haves and have-nots in our Country could, unfortunately, lead us to a negative end or at least negative consequences.  I am not a communist or socialist!  Frankly, I love a free market economy.  I am just a Christian man who believes everyone should have access to food, clothing, shelter, and other basics if they are dealt a negative hand.  I also believe we all should realize we were not responsible for who, what, when, and where we were birthed.  God chose our beginnings before the foundation of the world.  And, guess what?  He said we are all “beautifully and wonderfully made.”  Can’t we all just get along?

Check out true community radio by listening to KKFI 90.1 FM each Monday from 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., and join the “Jaws of Justice” family!  You may just learn more about how the other half lives.  And, this could inspire you to get involved!  Tune us in!

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