Streaming Audio


KKFI offers several audio stream options of our live broadcast, one option is for users of Microsoft Windows computers, another option is for users of other computers, and lastly there is a web browser-based option. If you are running Microsoft Windows, then clicking on the link below will automatically open the Windows Media stream in Windows Media player.

If you are on an Apple Macintosh computer, then clicking the second link below will automatically open the MP3 stream in iTunes. Otherwise, you can listen to the MP3 stream on Winamp, which can be downloaded for free.

Listen to (para eschuchar) Windows



Listen to (para eschuchar) high quality MP3



Listen to (para eschuchar) low quality MP3


Mobile Devices

Questions and Problems with Streaming?

Slow Internet

If your streaming audio occasionally stops briefly and then starts back up again, this is most likely due to your Internet connection. If your Internet connection is too slow or is busy downloading other large amounts of data, then it may intermittently not be able to handle all of the streaming data as fast as necessary. In these cases, you will usually see a “buffering” message in your player.

Places that Block Audio Streaming

Also, some employers block access to streaming media to preserve company bandwidth. If you are able to listen to the stream from home but are unable to connect to the server from work that may be the problem.

Problem with using the TuneIn radio app

Are you having problems with listening to KKFI via the TuneIn radio app? Eric Barr with KKFI’s EFT committee responds to a listener’s question on this topic – “I just tried listening to KKFI in the app. At first there were some buffering problems with their lead-in commercial, then I got a message that the station was unavailable. But then when I clicked on the message, the station started streaming successfully. Your error message sounds like a problem connecting to the TuneIn servers rather than KKFI. So it looks to me like the TuneIn radio app has problems and doesn’t always work properly. But it was working for me this morning, so please try again when you can.” (June 19, 2013)

Still Having Problems Listening to KKFI on our Internet Audio Stream?

KKFI wants to know if you are still experiencing problems listening to KKFI from your computer or mobile device. Contact the station by phone or email to report a problem so we can fix this for others that may also be experiencing the same problem. Here’s a link to information to contact KKFI via phone or email.