Andrew Erdrich

I have years of experience as a performing and touring musician. I have taught teenage students the basics of Radio Journalism for several years as a Journalism school staff member of Missouri Boys State. During this time I worked with a sound engineer to produce and sequence radio news programs including ads, transitions and scheduled content. I have also interned at Element Recording Studio as a sound engineer.


The Stink

The Stink is an absurdist music and variety broadcast focusing on a new theme each week. This program will showcase idiosyncratic subcultures such as DIY, alt-comedy, novelty, anime, weirdo literati, cole slaw appreciation, internet culture, and the like. The hosts Alex and Andy are lovable doofuses that drip with a fiery joie de vivre while presenting themselves to listeners as approachable and laid back.

Listen live on KKFI
Every Friday at 12:00am