Barry Jackson

I host the “Tuesday MidDay Medley: The Fusionfunkmeister,” which emphasizes the genres of jazz/Fusion and Funk! You will not only hear the golden oldies of the genres of Funk and Fusion, but you’ll hear the new projects and I’ll share some facts about the artists and the music.

You hear interviews done with the artists who helped originate the music, and the up and coming, local artists, who are keeping up the traditions of the genres.

Although, I am not an active musician, many of the local artists won’t let me call myself a former musician! I have been a local musician who has played the trombone with many local, regional and nationally known acts, such as Eddie Baker’s New Breed Orchestra, Threatening Weather, and Mass Transit with Steven Harvey. (Steven was murdered in 1980.) I have also been a music editor for a local newspaper, The Kansas City Globe.

I have had many musical guests on the show , such as, The Tower of Power, guitarist, Carlos Santana, a number of bassists, such as Victor Wooten, Verdine White, of Earth, Wind and Fire, Larry Graham, Stanley Clark, and Marcus Miller. The list continues with keyboardist and producer, George Duke, violinist Jean Ponty, harpist Andreas Vollenweider, trombonist and member of the SNL band, S and Steve Touree. Local and regional musicians include the MacFadden Brothers and many more too numerous to name!

In keeping with the mission of KKFI, that is, to entertain, educate, and inform, this is also in keeping with my personal interests of music, history, and a desire to stay informed as to all aspects of the music industry.

Yours truly got some spiritual advice as it relates to seeking a career: “Find something to do that you love so much, you’d do it for free.”

Well, I didn’t always play music as a musician for money, so producing this show is right in line with my passion for music and sharing my passion for music with you, the listener.

Tune in. Tell a friend!


The Fusion Funkmeister

A mix of Jazz-Fusion, “Fonk” (not funk!) and old school R&B with an emphasis on bands with tight rhythm sections and dynamic horn sections.

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