Bill Hilburn

Host of Moby’s Trip, Lonesome Cowboy Bill was born on the floor of the KKFI music library in 1989 with a Velvet Underground album in one hand and a snake in the other chubby fist. Lonesome Cowboy Bill is the only cowboy song they ever wrote and it was perfect to have a children’s show(Story Road) with a theme song written by a bunch of heroin addicts. I’ve always aspired to being the kind of person able to make Kathy Lee Gifford’s skin crawl. An Army brat of the Cold War 60’s; LCB dreamed of Air Force Colonels straddling A-tomic bombs and listened to radio when he could get it. Raised in the Ozarks LCB’s best friend was a bald-haided kid that played banjo and a blind kid who listened to alot of radio and explained it all. If you wanna understand sound hang with a guy who’s world is defined by it. Especially one who has ALL The Firesign Theater albums.

Driven by a full-blown Kerouac Attack LCB wandered the land until he landed in KC. I’ve pounded two independent record companies into the ground like tent pegs and am ranching young men. One is in Iraq because soldiers still care about soldiers and that’s that. Two are yet to be released in the wild until they graduate. I like long walks in the rain, puppies, sleeveless sweaters, free-style interpretive jazz dancing and people that don’t press charges. When I’m not working on a radio show I’m responding to e-mails and writing about LCB in the third person.

This might be a little different but some say so am I. I’ll sue. Swear to God I will when I find them.

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