David Mitchell

Dave Mitchell is a native of Columbia, Mo., and has resided in Kansas City, Mo. since 1988.  He has an MSW from the
University of Iowa in 1977, an MPA from UMKC in 2003, with a professional career primarily in psychiatric social work.  A
recognition in the mid-1990’s of winters becoming milder led to some intense reading on the subject of global warming, and
later on the increasingly prominent issue of the human-induced 6th Mass Extinction of species.
These twin and interrelated crises pose an existential threat to human civilization, with a dim but growing collective
awareness of these realities.  A great deal has been done in the efforts to move humanity towards a truly sustainable
path, but many more mountains must be moved.  Our greater collective awareness of these threats is a process that
must be affirmed and cultivated, leading to a quantum leap in our collective efforts that embrace a sustainable path
that restores and preserves our Living Earth.
He has been involved in environmental activism here in Kansas City for nearly the last 20 years,  has been a humble
contributor to KKFI for the last several years, and hopes to continue to do his part in the ever widening and growing
environmental movement.


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