DJ Mason

My passion has always been music as I was a Broadcast major from Northwest Missouri State University.  My favorite bands span over several different genres of music, whether it’s New Wave, Funk, Rock and Roll and Punk music. All the eclectic sounds of the ’80s.

I have always enjoyed volunteering and helping with organizations over the years to give back. Volunteering to host a ’80s show for KKFI is an honor. My goal is to play music from the ’80s and perhaps bring a smile to our listeners and make their day better through music. The ’80s was a very unique time for style and music which has had a recent resurgence in the popular  TV show “Stranger Things”.   Some of my favorite bands are Oingo Boingo, Talking Heads ,  Devo, Kool & the Gang, The Gap Band, Midnight Star and many more.


The Totally Epic 80’s Show

Take a journey into the 80s with DJ Mason on “The Totally Epic 80’s Show”. The show generates an upbeat tone dedicated to several genres specific to the 80’s music. New Wave, Rock, Funk and Punk as they are blended together ever Saturday morning from 2:00AM to 5:00AM. “The Totally Epic 80’s Show” will be dedicated towards putting a spring in your step and taking you “ Back In Time” in an iconic era of Big Hair, Big Shoulder Pads, Big Boom Box’s and it was “ Hip To Be Square”!!!

Listen live on KKFI
Every Saturday at 2:00am