I started stealing my parent’s Motown records around age 12 and kept digging into a variety of music, eventually finding my own groove. One guest DJ spot and continued work has given me the opportunity to share my stories and musical tastes with the KKFI community. I’ve lived in or around KC all my life and can’t wait to keep growing with this awesome city!


EZ Street

Bringing the positive vibes and good tunes every Tuesday morning, steady roll down EZ Street with your wiseguy, EZ Ed. Hitting all musical directions from jazz, soul, rock to blues, funk, and hip-hop, we unify genres and connect the artists with the listener through facts, stories and a chill atmosphere. Right on grooves, spinning wax and motivating beats that will get that foot tapping, guaranteed! Get your morning started out right by taking a cruise down EZ Street.

Listen live on KKFI
Every Tuesday at 6:00am