Jaye Powers

Just of sample of my life on the show:

Weird night on the phone lines tonight – Uncle Bob checks in, we go from Mueller report to safe psychedelic use to the history of Skynet. The only thing that would have made this show better was a call from our esteemed and beloved long distance radio producer goddess, Becker but she’s had a hell of a week herself. All calls posted in their entirety, and yes, Jaye started playing Enna Gadda Da Vida because he’s an a-hole.


Shut Up and Listen

A late night call in talk show where anything is open to discuss. Sometimes we succeed at this, other times we fail..horribly.. it’s a real crap shoot. But please join us on this adventure into the less appealing sides of the argument, some skepticism and advocating for the devil, and oh yeah, plenty of ‘Florida Man.’

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