Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel is a permaculturally-informed, emancipatorily-biased & public interest-based all-source/open-source intelligence analyst, documentarian & broadcaster, and a producer of futureroots & hiphop music.
“As a Jewish American patriot of conscience, I see both a moral responsibility & political necessity in honestly addressing the Jewish & American roles in supporting the occupation politics that extend from within Israel Palestine to here at home in the United States.”



Understanding Israel Palestine

This show is inspired by Citizens for Justice in the Middle East, a local group that has advocated for 20 years for a fair and even-handed U.S. foreign policy that recognizes the rights of both Palestinians and Israelis. Our program offers interviews with journalists, scholars, policy experts and activists to offer multiple perspectives, and to clarify the underlying issues that are often obscured by headline news.

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