Lisa Galvan

“Music is life itself!” —- Louis Armstrong

For Lisa music is life and a source of happiness. Anyone could “get away” mentally while listening to
their favorite genre; music can also be a form of therapy for some. Having a wide range of music
knowledge is great as well.
Lisa has been a private mobile DJ for more than 15years. Playing for all types of crowds. So she has
plenty of music knowledge. Lisa is also bilingual in Spanish and DJ’s for bilingual crowds. Which helps
her be versatile in the music front.
Lisa was asked to help co-host a Taste of Tejano March 2022, with Tommy Andrade and Monica Frias
McGee. However she’s known Vivian Medellin, Manny Martinez and Dan Ramirez for many many years.
Lisa had volunteered many times with Vivian and Manny in helping take donations from the dedicated
listeners of KKFI and a Taste of Tejano. Now circling back to help co-host the very show she loved and
listened to for many many years.


Taste of Tejano

Playing the best Tejano music north of Texas.

Listen live on KKFI
Every Tuesday at 7:00pm