Mason Andrew Kilpatrick

Marketing & Communications Manager at Charlotte Street Foundation.  Mason provides a fresh perspective to CSF, with a background in public media and digital marketing.

Why is KKFI a valuable asset to the community:

KKFI is a valuable resource to our local community, especially in a time when large media entities have direct influences in how Kansas Citians live their lives and connect with others.

Community radio stations are important to our local neighborhoods because people-powered media can be used to organize power and solidarity within Kansas City. Communities of various identities, gender, race, and class, are amplified from media outlets like KKFI. I personally believe public and community radio stations like KKFI are crucial towards the building of solidarity within our local communities at a time when change is not only considered, but expected. Kansas City is fortunate to have volunteers at KKFI provide consistent programming focused on local ideas and issues.

KKFI is fortunate to have a diverse and historically significant Kansas City as its home, which is a home that provides countless organizations, voices, and stories that need to be heard.