Mike Lytle

Station Manager
Manager (at) kkfi.org
(816) 994-7866

Mike Lytle has been part of the KKFI family since 2003.  He has served in many positions from phone volunteer to being a member of the Board Of Directors and everything in between.  He enjoys his own long standing radio show that is on KKFI every Friday night beginning at 7pm CST. “The Real Deal” plays a variety of unique and rare rock music that you will not hear anywhere else.

Mike grew up in and around the radio business with his parents being “radio people” in Kansas City all of his life. Mike has spent a good portion of his career in commercial radio, but his love of non commercial radio and serving the KKFI Mission Statement is his primary focus.

Mike graduated from Kansas University with a BA in Psychology in 1978 and is lucky number is 128 1/2.