Mike Lytle

Mike was born in the mid 1950s to a Kansas City radio family. He’s addicted to collecting as much music as possible in his life as well as sports, enjoying the outdoors & a healthy lifestyle. He invented the concept of “Treating others with kindness and respect” and hopes to market that concept very soon.

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Here’s Mike Lytle’s TOP 16 circa 1966 !!! This little bit of radio history was from his “imaginary” radio show he did out of his bedroom as a 10 year old for all the neighbors to hear every afternoon at 4pm. If you recognize any of the hard to find artists on this list, please let Mike know ! He’d love to have you on the show so you can bring that song into play. Here’s the list so you can read it clearly!

  1. Paint It Black, Rolling Stones (hey the kid has taste !)
  2. Hold On, Herman’s Hermits (flip side of Leaning on the Lamp Post)
  3. Hello Viet Nam, Ray Hildebrand (of Hey Hey Paula fame)
  4. Boys, The Beatles (again, GREAT taste in tunes !)
  5. House Of The Rising Sun, Duane Eddy
  6. Sneaker Talk, The Sneekers
  7. Big Time, Jordan Christopher
  8. Love Is Strange, Ceasor & Cleo (AKA Sonny & Cher !!!)
  9. Aa-Go Go Go, Ray Smith
  10. I Found Me Today, Jack Cole
  11. Positively 4th Street, Bob Dylan (a 10 year old kid picked this out man !)
  12. The Outcast, The Five Americans
  13. Time, Taney Hatfield
  14. The Bird of Bleeker Street, The Village Stompers
  15. I Knew You When, Billy Joe Royal (Mr. Boondocks!)
  16. Blowin’ In The Wind, The Blue Moon Four