Scott Bunte

I am a life time listener of radio. I have been actively accumulating and listening to music for 50 years. I listen to a wide raging eclectic mix of multiple genres of music spanning 7 decades. I have produced 100’s of mix tapes/discs for friends and family for year. I work hard to develop themes and flow and purpose behind these mixes. Most of what I own and play is alternative and out of the mainstream. Most of the songs and artists that I would play are not currently featured on any Kansas City radio station, including KKFI. I can expand and fill in holes in the KKFI programming quilt. I have the inspiration to provide a show that gives voice to those artists not usually heard around town. I represent a link between older artists and the continual reworking of their style by the newer artists they inspired. I enjoy how new artists build upon the past to create a new direction. I am passionate about sharing music that others have not heard, and am always looking for my next favorite band.


Moonlight Mosaic

Scott's philosophy for the show is that our modern music is a constant continuum of folks building upon, blending and deconstructing everything that has come before. There is always something new to listen to if you trace the origins of sounds or seek out new interpretations. His goal is to explore hidden branches for hidden fruit on a tree far from the mainstream.

Listen live on KKFI
Every Friday at 9:00pm