Val Baul

Val Baul, AKA The Anything Gal AKA Somebunny, is the host of Vibes with Val. Val has an impressive past from being an over the road truck driver to running away with a circus, seriously! Val has a professional background as a paralegal  as well as a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution. Her goal is to ensure that everybunny knows they are somebunny and spread the love to anybunny!

“Come along and ride on a fantastic ride, ride slippity slide come on everybody it’s do or die.” These are the immortal words of Coolio, who Val quotes as she invites listeners to ride the vibes of our lives up and down the roller coaster of life.

“I will play a little bit of anything and everything on my show and I will bring more local music. I will talk politics and religion. I will discuss current events and ride the vibes of the world at large. I want to relate music to life and life to music and discuss insights on how to hopefully improve our world one small step at a time!”

On Weed Wednesdays, Vibes with Val has interviewed many participants in the war on War on Drugs and on Womb Wednesdays, she has delivered information for the public about natural births, home child birth, etc.

On Word Wednesday, Val provides opportunities for spoken word artists and singer songwriters.

Val says, “I enjoy entertaining education, which I strive to do everyday. I believe that KKFI is an essential component of our society here in Kansas City and brings us independent  information and music.”

Val invites everybunny to set their alarms to play the radio at 10 PM every Wednesday so you can ride the Vibes with Val.


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