Various Hosts


Friday Midday Medley

Musical mix.

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Every Friday at 10:00am

Local Showcase

The Local ShowCase features live or recorded performances of music, poetry, prose, etc. of local and regional artists. This showcase is hosted by a variety of KKFI programmers covering a broad spectrum of musical genres.

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Every Thursday at 8:00pm

Thursday Night Special

Thursday nights are special!

First Thursday: Climate Hour, with Bob Grove, President of Climate Council of Greater Kansas City.

Second Thursday: Shots in the Night radio theatre, producer Bill Pearce.

Third Thursday: Rise Up! produced by the Racial Justice Initiative, including Catina Taylor, Richard Mabion, and Lesley Pories.

Fourth Thursday: River City Chautauqua, produced is Julie Bennett Hume

Fifth Thursday beginning July 31, 2021: From Ark to Microchip;  producer Dwight Frizzell

Note: These programs may be preempted by special presentations.

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Every Thursday at 7:00pm