Podcast - Fresh Hell

“Fresh Hell” is a scroungier and coarser face of the long-running KKFI “Moby’s Trip” broadcast show. Herein are all the things I could never say or airplay with the hair-shirted buckle-shoed FCC listening in to protect the airwaves from horrible freedom. All the contents I always wanted but never dared and then some. It’s radio not dressed up to go to Wal-Mart, basically.

Fresh Hell Podcast #2

Episode 2 of Bill Hilburn's new podcast, Fresh Hell.  This is the digital version of Moby's Trip, which run on Sunday nights at 10:00 pm here on KKFI.  This is an adult version of that show and not intended for anyone under age 18.

Fresh Hell Podcast #1

Former KKFI dj Bill Hilburn, aka Lonesome Cowboy Bill, has moved to the digital realm.  "Fresh Hell" is Moby's Trip in podcast format.  It is the equivalent to a graphic novel.  Disclaimer: be aware that adult language and situations are involved in this work, so anyone under 18 should be...