Resilient Activism

Sami Aaron of joins hosts Brent Ragsdale and Dave Bennett Freeling in the studio to discuss the growing need for “ecopsychology” as a response to emotional and psychological distress that often accompanies awareness of the unfolding climate and ecological crisis.  From their website,, the Resilient Activist is a local program to build community that will nurture, uplift and support those who strive to live in conscious harmony with Earth.

Before we bring Sami into the conversation we are going to play a 14-min talk by one of the Co-founders of the Extinction Rebellion group in the UK, Gail Bradbrook.  This is an informative and passionate speech given at a conference sponsored by the Sustainable Food Trust in early July on Farming and Climate Change that explored “unique capacity of farming systems to address the threats of climate change, biodiversity and soil carbon loss, whilst producing high quality, health-promoting food.”

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