From the Vault: Honor America Day

On this Fourth of July Holiday Special Edition of From The Vault we thought we would do something . Well Special .
We thought we would contrast an actual Fourth of July Celebration that Pacifica covered from 1970 with the voices WE would invite to the Pacifica Holiday dais.

The Context of our ARCHIVAL program is important. It’ s taken from the 1970 Honor American Day event hosted by Bob Hope and organized by President Richard M. Nixon Administration.

The year 1970 had not yet escaped the fallout of the social, cultural and political revolution of the 1960’s. America had sustained years of social unrest, President Kennedy and his brother Robert were assassinated, Community leaders Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated, the Vietnam War was raging for years, Stonewall riots sparked the LGBT Movement, The 2nd Wave of the Feminist Movement was in full swing, Black and Chicano Power Movements were organizing disenfranchised communities who were disproportionately fighting and dying in Vietnam. The country was divided and in need of healing.

Once you get a flavor of that 1970 celebration, we will present voices from the Pacifica Radio Archives that we feel meet the same criteria: Ordinary people embracing the revolution spirit of the founding of this country, who do and say extraordinary things that help make our country and the world a better place for all of us.

People in the Arts, Music, Literature, Poetry, activism, Movements, Politics, Educators, Theatre, Film, and every other endeavor you can think of.
With all that in mind, We begin this From The Vault Fourth of July Holiday Special, with the Pacifica Radio Archives 1970 program, Honor America Day introduced by Bob Hope.

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