Siren Song V2.0 – With KC Vixen

Welcome Siren Song Listeners to Siren Song 2.0. Following in the footsteps of the long running show Women’s Song, DJ Koo Marie created Siren Song to focus on uplifting artists of all genres,
eras and geographies, especially those whose music is underrepresented in radio because of White Cis Hetero norms.

Although Koo is taking a step back from the week to week producing of the show, the spirit and soul of Siren Song lives on through a rotating list of amazing DJ’s. This week Siren Song kicks off a new chapter with

Today is KC Vixen’s debut on Siren song! She will be sharing some of her favorite tracks and shortly after the daytime witching hour she will be joined in the studio by Nicole Springer. KC and Nicole will be talking about her new album and playing some new tracks.


Join us Saturday May 14th at 11am for Siren Song!

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