Anniversaries for the BIll of Rights and the Afghan War

September 25, 1789

The first U.S. Congress passed the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, and sent them on to the states for ratification.
(See the actual document and learn more )

On this 213th anniversary, Mike Murphy, filling in for Tom Klammer, will speak to the Executive Director of the ACLU of Kansas & Western Missouri (, Gary Brunk about the health of the BIll of Rights today.


October 7th will mark the 11th anniversary of the start of the Afghan war, though the longest war in American history, it is by and large forgotten by most Americans.  To give a sense of how long this war has lasted, American children who were seven years old at the outset, are now old enough to be sent over to that part of the world to fight.

On October 6th, the American Friends Services Committee with other area organizations will hold a memorial event, including the display of an art installation, Unfinished Portrait, an Iraq & Afghan war memorial by Salina, KS artist, Priti Gulati Cox.

Unfinished Portrait is composed of small portraits of U.S. troops killed in the Afghan and Iraq wars and will be displayed outdoors from approximately an hour before sunset to midnight. As the time passes the portraits become more and more obscured by the darkness. At the same time more and more stars come out which Cox views as representing the uncounted civilian causalities of the wars.

(more info about the event can be seen at : )

Guest host, Mike Murphy will speak to the artist, Priti Gulati Cox, who is also an organizer for CODEPINK. (links to photos and info about the 2008 Unfinished Portrait exhibit can be seen at )

…and…  Anthony Cage talks about what the heck is gong on with Occupy KC (

… and finally, Bill Drummond of Emerald City updates us on the efforts to save the sycamore trees in the Green Impact Zone.  This was discussed last week.

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