Jessica Mason Pieklo on Abortion Access, Cindy Cohn on FISA Reauthorization

This week on CounterSpin: As Congressional Republicans used budget negotiations to try and force through their anti-immigrant agenda, hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets in a show of resistance to the Trump administration. Protesters highlighted a range of threats to women’s human rights and well-being; central among those is the assault on abortion access. As we mark the 45th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, we’ll hear about the state of the fight from Jessica Mason Pieklo, vice president of law and the courts at Rewire.

Also on the show: The National Security Agency has altered its mission statement. According to a report in The Intercept, where the NSA website used to show “honesty” as the first of four “core values,” that’s been replaced of late by “commitment to service,” defined as “excellence in the pursuit of our critical mission.” Also out are references to “trust,” “honor” and “openness.” While we muster what’s left of our capacity to appreciate irony, the NSA’s spin is shaping our lives. Look no further than the recent reauthorization for the agency’s warrantless surveillance program. We’ll catch up on that fight from Cindy Cohn, executive director of Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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