A Conversation With Claire White

This week on Tell Somebody, we’ll hear from Claire White, daughter of Robert White, who was the U.S. ambassador to El Salvador when 4 American churchwomen were murdered by the US supported Salvadoran military in 1980.

We started the show last week with a clip from Democracy Now! last January with Amy Goodman noting that Robert White had died at the age of 88. Goodman went on to say that “in 1981, he was fired after he refused to cover up the Salvadoran military’s responsibility for the murders of four American women who were Maryknoll church workers. White was there when the women’s bodies were dug up. He was quoted as saying, ‘This time the bastards won’t get away with it.'”

Claire White said she wanted to do this interview in memory of her mother, Mary Anne White, who died Saturday, as well as of her father. She said her mother was the Ambassador’s closest confidante and advisor, and his great love.

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