October 18, 2021 is going to feature a piece produced by KHOI FM in Ames, Iowa which aired on Sprouts, a program featuring radio programs produced at community radio stations.

We will play parts from Mike Murphy’s interview with Jessica Reznicek, a Catholic Worker who has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for her actions to protest the Enbridge 3 pipeline in Iowa.  Then, we’ll hear Pat Schlarbaum, a volunteer at KHOI FM speaking with Carolyn Raffensperger, an environmental attorney in Iowa.  Carolyn Raffensperger is executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network.  You may have heard her Bold Precautions talk on Bioneers, where she invokes the precautionary principle, a broad legal theory that holds lack of scientific certainty is no reason to postpone action to avoid potentially serious or irreversible harm.   She applies this theory to  areas of law where our environment is at issue.


In the second half of our hour, host Terri Wilke is going to speak with local peace activists Henry and Jane Stoever.  Henry has been arrested on more than one occasion for trespassing on the National Nuclear Security Campus operated in KCMO.  Henry and others (including Jessica Reznicek one year) do this in a ceremonial fashion to commemorate workers at the plant who have fallen ill or dead because of component parts of the nuclear armament manufactured at that Campus and the Bannister Mall complex before the Campus was built.  Activism, whether publicly addressing issues of climate, war resistance, civil rights and/or union workers, has resulted in many arrests and many imprisonments over our history.  We are going to examine the impact of resistance.  Certainly, activism invokes change.  We want the change to be for the overall betterment of all.

We will close out the hour with a short interview with Natali Segovia, Legal Director at the Water Protector Collective, an organization that sprang from the hundreds of arrests made at Standing Rock and the inhumane approach to the demonstrators – spraying them with water in zero-degree temperatures and setting dogs on them.  Only the characters have changed.  The story, protestors demanding civil rights legislation or clean air and water, or fair wages, or an end to senseless wars continues a steady march toward our improved society.


We at EcoRadio KC are glad to encourage awareness and protection of our world. We can create a sustainable present for a sustainable future! This will be a great radio hour!

We hope you tune in!


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