Affordable Care Act

Alice Kitchen will be back to give more facts about the Affordable Care Act and how the new law affects all Americans. Gray Panther, David Kingley will tell us about his trip to Washington DC and explain why he’s not too happy with the recent Supreme Court decision about health care.  Plus, as Spain’s prime minister announced deep austerity cuts Wednesday in order to secure funds from the European Union to bail out Spain’s failing banks, the people of Spain have taken to the streets once again for what they call “Real Democracy Now.” This comes a week after the government announced it was launching a criminal investigation into the former CEO of Spain’s fourth-largest bank, Bankia. Rodrigo Rato is no small fish: Before running Bankia he was head of the International Monetary Fund. What the U.S. media don’t tell you is that this official government investigation was initiated by grass-roots action.  Amy Goodman will thell you on her weekly podcast, heard during Every Woman

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