After Fukushima: What Can We Do After Such A Disaster?

On this week’s installment of WINGS:

Award-winning fiction author Cecile Pineda, now in her 80s, has produced a nonfiction book about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, what it means and how we must deal with it. She talks with Kellia Ramares-Watson about the book and about her activist nun friend Sister Megan Rice, at her home in Berkeley, California.

Featured speakers/guests:

Cecile Pineda, author of Devil’s Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step, as well as fiction works such as The Love Queen of the Amazon, Fishlight: A Dream of Childhood, and other works. She teaches fiction writing in California.


Produced by Kellia Ramares-Watson; series producer, Frieda Werden.

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