Aging With Grace And Humor with Susan Moon

Travel with Susan Moon to get an inside view on the perils and joys of aging. With humor and deep insight, she encourages us to move forward in our aging with courage and hope. There are many lessons along the way. She says much of it is “learning how to ask for help, learning how to receive it, and also learning how to let go graciously when you can’t do something anymore. I loved backpacking, but I really don’t think I could carry a pack up a steep hill anymore; my knees would probably not allow it. But I can still enjoy walking in the country, and just keep on adapting to what the situation is.” So when you find yourself in a “senior moment,” and you can’t remember what you were up to when you entered a room, relax, take a deep breath, smile, and take the opportunity to enjoy the day. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Susan Moon is a writer and Zen Buddhist practitioner who teaches popular writing workshops, mostly in California. She is the former editor of Turning Wheel: The Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism.

She is the author of the satirical cult classic:

She has also written:

To learn more about the work of Susan Moon go to

Topics explored in this dialogue include:

  • How can we cope with “senior moments”
  • Why it is important to honor our bodies as they change as we age
  • What is an exercise we can do to improve our deteriorating balance
  • How can we face the death of our parents, and others who are close to us
  • Why long-term friendships matter
  • What is the role of grandparents

Host: Justine Willis Toms            Interview Date: 8/26/2010        Program Number: 3374

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