Alternative Visions Revisited

This week on CounterSpin: We think all of our interviews are special, but there are some that, for one reason or another, seem to strike a chord in listeners—maybe because they engage questions that aren’t often engaged, or encourage alternative visions. In any event, we’re happy for it, and we’re going to revisit three of those conversations on this week’s show.

We’ll hear from writer and organizer Josmar Trujillo about media hyping of “gang violence,” and its destructive impact on community.

Megan Hustings is director of the National Coalition for the Homeless. We asked her about the criminalization of feeding homeless people as part of a campaign of erasure.

And finally, you might think you can’t fix your cellphone because you don’t have the know-how, not because you don’t have the right. We learned about that from Kyle Wiens, advocate of the Right to Repair.

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