Alternatives to Policing

Alternatives to Policing

One of the pressing issues of the day is policing in America, notably how to confront the disproportionate unconstitutional use of force, shootings, arrests and prosecutions of Black African Americans and other people of color, with impunity. Can it be reformed? Or, must it be dismantled? On December 6 our own Julie Hurwitz facilitated a panel discussion at Wayne State Law School called Alternatives to Policing. It was sponsored by the NLG, Mich Coalition for Human Rights, Coalition for Police Transparency and Accountability and the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights.

The panelists at this event:

Erin Keith: Managing Policy Counsel for Detroit Justice Center and an outspoken advocate on behalf of the Abolition/Defund movement, presents a thoughtful and clearheaded analysis of the fact-based evidence in support of this movement.

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib: Discusses her efforts to fight from within US legislature to redirect resources away from policing and toward a broader understanding of “public safety to include the need to confront head-on poverty, homelessness, health care, mental illness and the criminalization of people of color.

Andrea Ritchie: Attorney, writer, gay activist, and nationally recognized expert on policing and criminalization; Addresses the particular impact that policing in America has on Black/Women/Queer/trans people, and discusses her recently released book No More Police.

Michigan State Senator Stephanie Chang: discusses her efforts within the Michigan legislature to introduce state-wide laws that would create a modicum of accountability around: the use of force, decertification of bad cops, choke holds, no-knock warrants, foot pursuits and body worn cameras.

Hosted by Attorneys Heidi Boghosian and Julie Hurwitz.

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