Alvin Sykes, SB 102 – Kansas Closed Case Task Force; And The Curious Case Of Kameron Gines

Alvin Sykes, SB 102 – Kansas Closed Case Task Force And More

Alvin Sykes has been a voice in the wilderness calling out the inequities of our Justice System and working with legislators and numerous other citizens to propose and pass legislation to make the system more responsive to the needs of what is true justice. Alvin is largely self taught, when at an early age he forsook the education system in favor of the public library. In some ways his journey is not too different than that of an undereducated inmate that goes to the prison library to learn about the law and life on the outside in an attempt to prove his or her innocence and take life in their own hands. Alvin is well known for working to bringing to light the who and why of the beating and murder of Emmitt Till. He has also advocated for the establishment of a FBI investigations unit to bring about justice for the victims of the lynchings of the 20th century.

Host Latahra Smith talks with Alvin Sykes about his latest effort working with the Midwest Innocence Project and State Senator David Haley in the state of Kansas to pass Senate Bill 102, establishing a Closed Case Task Force that would use DNA collected in present day investigations to be checked against closed cases of the past. One of the reasons cited by supporters of KS SB 102 is that testing past closed cases has the potential of identifying those who have been wrongly convicted and those who really did commit those crimes. They will be joined later in the broadcast by Keith Gines, father of Cameron Gines who has been charged with second degree murder for a clear case of Self Defense.

The Curious Case Of Kameron Gines
Justice delayed

Kameron Gines 1

Does the Stand Your Ground law only apply to white people? There are multiple people that have been charged and convicted of murder in Jackson County who have claims of self defense. Is it a policy in Jackson county to ignore the Stand Your Ground Law?

In the second half of the broadcast Latahra talks with Keith Gines, father of Kameron Gines who has been charged with second degree murder for a clear case of Self Defense.

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