“American Routes Live!“ The Meters, Drive-By Truckers, Baton Rouge Blues Fest,

00:00 Open Hour 1 
segment A: INCUE: “(music) This is AR I’m NS in New Orleans…” 
“Fire On The Bayou” The Meters 
“Cissy Strut” The Meters 
“Hey Pocky Way” The Meters 
OUTCUE: “…Drive-By Truckers when AR returns.” 
cutaway 1: “Potato Hole” Booker T. Jones 
segment B: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR from New Orleans…” 
“Made Up English Oceans” Drive-By Truckers 
“Marry Me” Drive-By Truckers 
“Pauline Hawkins” Drive-By Truckers 
OUTCUE: “…about life on tour when AR returns.” 
cutaway 2: “Hey Ya” Booker T. Jones 
segment C: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR with more music…” 
“First Air of Autumn” Drive-By Truckers 
Patterson Hood interview 
“When He’s Gone” Drive-By Truckers 
“Natural Light” Drive-By Truckers 
“Self Destructive Zones” Drive-By Truckers 
OUTCUE: “…this is AR from PRX.” 
cutwaway 3: “T-Bone Shuffle” Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells 
1:00:00 “T-Bone Shuffle” end 
00:00 Open Hour 2 
segment D: INCUE: “(music) This is AR from New Orleans…” 
“Hot Pants” Little Freddie King 
“Walk The Walk” Little Freddie King 
“LA Train” Little Freddie King 
“Down The Road I Go” Lil’ Buck Sinegal 
OUTCUE: “…zydeco when AR returns.” 
cutaway 4: “Dust My Broom” Henry Gray 
segment E: INCUE: “This is AR I hope you’re counting …” 
“I Got Loaded” Lil’ Buck Sinegal 
“Heading For Home” Lil’ Buck Sinegal 
“Allons a Lafayette” Jeffery Broussard 
“Promised Land” Jeffery Broussard 
“Petite ou la Grosse” Jeffery Broussard 
OUTCUE: “…holy blues coming up on AR.” 
cutaway 5: “Amazing Grace” The Campbell Brothers 
segment F: INCUE: “This is AR Live where our final act…” 
“Lift Me Up” Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens 
“Everybody Knows” Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens 
“What More Can I Do” Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens 
“I Ain’t No Stranger” Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens 
OUTCUE: “…for AR from PRX (music end and applause fade out)” 
59:00 end 

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