Andy Warhol

This week on From the Vault, Cal Green of WBAI’s The Critical People speaks with artist Andy Warhol about his film Chelsea Girls in a rather unconventional interview recorded on June 3, 1967. Joined in studio by Henry Geldzahler, associate curator of American painting and sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paul Morrissey, film critic and director, and International Velvet and Ingrid Superstar (two of Warhol’s “Factory Girls”), Green and Warhol focus on how Chelsea Girls differs from Warhol’s previous cinematographic efforts. Not surprising, Warhol’s musings are filled with deflections, half truths, and feigned ignorance; yet through this all we still absorb Warhol’s personal examination of his filmmaking approach, in a most insightful and unique example of Pacifica Radio at its finest.

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