Loren Stanton, President, Kansas Chapter of the Brady Campaign; and Author Archie Williams, The Evolution of Africans In North America

Loren Stanton, President of the NE Kansas Chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
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Today’s subject is the Castle Doctrine (a legal doctrine that designates a person’s abode or any legally occupied place, for example, a vehicle or home, as a place in which that person has protections and immunities permitting one, in certain circumstances, to use force, up to and including deadly force, to defend oneself against an intruder, free from legal prosecution for the consequences of the force used. A person may have a duty to retreat to avoid violence if one can reasonably do so. Castle doctrines lessen the duty to retreat when an individual is assaulted within one’s own home.

The Brady Campaign and Million Mom March work within their local communities and in Washington to bring about change at the local, state, and federal levels. Chapter members may be found phone banking their elected officials to support expanded Brady Background Checks, educating pediatricians on the importance of safely storing firearms in the home, or signing up new members at a local Farmer’s Market.

Host Teresa Wilke talks with Loren Stanton of the NE Kansas Brady Campaign about the Castle Doctrine that allows a homeowner to use deadly force against an intruder and keeping guns safe from misuse in the home.

Author Archie Williams,The Evolution of Africans in North America

The Evolution of Africans in North America will bring you some understanding of the present day functioning of the African Americans and will assist with predicting what path for treatment would most impact the greatest healing. In the book, Mr. Williams describes “the three phases of permanent perpetual slavery” and discusses a formula for the cure.  Archie J. Williams is a Masters Level Social Worker who has worked in the field of social services for over four decades, mostly with African-American youth.

Today Host Keith Washburn talks with Author Archie Williams about his book, The Evolution of Africans in North America. They will discuss the effects of slavery in the past and the virtual slavery of today, as well as potential solutions to the traumas of the past and present.

If you are interested in getting a copy of Mr Williams’ book you can contact him by email at archiew44@gmail.com or check out his website at http://www.archiejwilliams.com/

JoJR Calendar for the week of November 5th

Youth Ambassadors invites you to attend The Things We Face, their annual community event where youth share powerful readings from their journals. You can join them Thursday November 8th 6-30 to 8 PM at Unity on the Plaza, 707 W 47th St, KCMO. Take time to listen to voices that have no megaphone.

Open To The Sky, a poetry reading by former and present inmates from Lansing Correctional Facility will be held Thursday November 8th 6-30 PM at the InterUrban ArtHouse, 8001 Newton St, Overland Park, KS. This is an Arts In Prison presentation.

Corey’s Network invites survivors of murder to their weekly workshops to learn how to deal with grief, the media, investigation, court, and moving forward after a homicide has occurred. This is a workshop, not a grief group, you should bring something to take notes with and please include only those individuals mature enough in age to deal with the issues. The next workshop, How To Deal Wih The Media, will be held Monday, November 5th and again November 12th from 6 to 8 PM at the Church of the Four Corners, 14300 E. US HWY 40, KCMO. The church is located East of the HyVee at 40 Hwy and Noland Rd. For more information and listing of future workshops call 816-834-9161 or email coreysnetwork@gmail.com

Mothers of Incarcerated Sons and Daughters will have their monthly meeting Saturday, November 10th from noon to 2pm at the Waldo Branch Library, 201 East 75th Street, KCMO If you have a loved one that is incarcerated and need advice and support MISD has members that may be able to help.