Artspeak Radio-Jane Gotch, Patrick Alexander, Angie Jennings, Katy Stone and Eastside People’s Intercultural Center

Wednesday August 21, 2019 noon -1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI, streaming live audio

Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes choreographer/dancer Jane Gotch, Patrick Alexander Programmer/Studio Residency Manager with Charlotte Street Foundation, photographer Angie Jennings, installation artist Katy Stone and Christopher Santee with Eastside People’s Intercultural Center (EPIC.)

JANE GOTCH-public 2 (pronounced ‘public squared’) public 2, is a Mixed Reality performance, taking place at three Kansas City Streetcar stops; Union Station, 9th and Main, and 4th and Delaware using integrated Virtual Reality and live action performances. Choreographer Jane Gotch in collaboration with two local dancers will create a site-specific dance for video at each of the three streetcar sites. In May, these dances will be filmed using a Virtual Reality camera by Ian Garrett of Toasterlab, a Virtual Reality consulting group which has worked with an array of international performing artists to bring integrated Mixed Reality performances to their communities. Gotch and Garrett will edit and upload the virtual videos to, a website built specifically for this project. Audiences will be able to access the Virtual Reality components at their leisure. The videos will be available for free, anytime day or night through the duration of the Arts In the Loop summer festival. Each of the video performances will be geospecifc, so the viewer will have to go stand at each of the three actual streetcar stops with their mobile device to watch the videos online. The potential audience might be there waiting for the streetcar, or they may come to the destination, having heard about it through Arts in the Loop publicity, specifically to view the piece. Just like they would traditionally go to a theater. The audience could view each video simply through their phones, or if they own one, through a virtual reality headset. The videos will play through use of their phone’s cellular data or by logging onto the free Google Fiber provided at the stops. Either way, the performance will present a new approach to experiencing site-specific dance performance.

In addition, Gotch will choreograph a live action performance at one of the three stops that will be presented alongside that location’s Virtual Reality video. For example the audience might arrive to the Union Station streetcar stop and be instructed to begin the performance by viewing the virtual reality video of that stop. While in real time, the dancers begin to walk towards them from the North. Upon arriving to the streetcar stop, they begin to dance as the Virtual Reality video is still playing. Thus creating a visual overlay by dancing in real time with their virtual selves. This event will create a one of a kind performance experience that fully merges the virtual and live action components of the project. This Mixed Reality dance will have one performance at the end of the festival. Date TBA and by recommendation of Art in the Loop.

CHRISTOPHER SANTEE-Eastside People’s Intercultural Center (Epicenter) is excited to announce the opening of the exhibition “Untold Stories: Douglas County Social Movements from 1968-2018,” and the companion “People’s History of East Lawrence Walking Tour.”
Untold Stories: Douglas County Social Movements from 1968- 2018, will include material never exhibited before from the collections of the Kansas Key Press, C.J. Brune Radical Library, Food Not Bombs, and Wakarusa Wetlands, among others. Funded by the Douglas County, Heritage Conservation Council (HCC), Natural & Cultural Heritage Grant Program.

Opening: Saturday, August 24th, 7-9pm, Murphy-Bromelsick House at the corner of 10th & Delaware in Hobbs Park. People’s History of East Lawrence Walking Tour, has approximately ten stops in East Lawrence, each with particular social, cultural or historical importance. The tour is funded by Freedom’s Frontier.
Epicenter, which stands for East Side People’s Intercultural Center, is an up and coming arts-based organization celebrating and supporting the cultures and stories of underrepresented groups in Lawrence, especially people of color. Our events and projects explore the intersections of art, culture and social change. We value radical inclusivity and cross-cultural collaboration, and seek to elevate authentic, first-person narratives. These are essential ingredients for combating oppression, as well as promoting understanding, empathy and social action. We partner with fellow community groups to collaborate with an equitable and intercultural mission, and we help to provide resources to people with their own projects. Open to the public on Saturdays & Sundays from August 24th to September 28th of 2019, 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Access the People’s History of East Lawrence Walking Tour and map through our website

ANGIE JENNINGS & PAT ALEXANDER-KCSCP and Charlotte Street will be hosting FREE FILM : USA at the CSF residency on Troost. FREE FILM USA The traveling photographers will arrive at 4001 Troost with their 2 customized airstreams on Thursday, August 22nd in the afternoon. Film will be available at the airstream FRI-SAT 9-5pm. (SCP members- if you picked up a roll of film at the 21st event, and have it exposed already, you can drop off your roll at the Troost location). Each photographer/participant will receive one roll of 35mm black and white film. You will photograph using the theme RED WHITE and BLUE…what does this mean to you. It can be your life around you, a still life, portraits, or your family. Yes, it is black and white, so think about your America and how you can translate it through photography. Once you are done with your “assignment” you will bring the roll back to the FREE FILM airstream. The group will process the film while on the road to the next city. If you want your film back you will pay a nominal shipping fee. Your name stays with the film and one of your images may be chosen for the final show in New York. OPEN to youth, students, artists, community members. There will be donated point and shoot cameras available to borrow. Schedule: 8-22: 2 PM – 6 PM | Film drop off and pick up 8-23: 10AM – 6 PM | Film drop off and pick up 8-23: 5 PM – 7 PM | Reception and touring exhibit 8-24: 10 AM – 6 PM | Film drop off and pick up 8-24: 10:00 AM – 4 PM | FREE Demos, mini-workshops, portrait “booth”, and more. SCP photographers will be on hand all day to assist with cameras.

KCAI Crossroads Gallery Presents Katy Stone Exhibition once upon a time. Katy Stone, a contemporary American artist who draws her inspiration from nature, phenomena and memory, will present her first Kansas City solo exhibition once upon a time, September 6 through October 5 at KCAI Crossroads Gallery: Center for Contemporary Practice at 1819 Grand Blvd. Stone’s exhibition will feature a site-specific installation in conversation with a skylight, a temporal window installation and small gallery of related works. An Opening Reception will be held on Friday, September 6 from 6-8 p.m. and a Gallery Talk will take place on September 7 at noon. Stone will be the artist-in-residence and will engage with KCAI students and faculty throughout her residency.
Spreading across the wall, spilling onto the floor, or cascading from architectural supports, Katy Stone’s artworks are like Rorschach tests of natural phenomena. She paints on a variety of materials and layers the elements into sculptural assemblages and installations that blur the boundaries between drawing, painting, and sculpture and act as both kaleidoscope and microscope.
Stone has exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Vienna, and museums including The McNay and the Boise Art Museum and alternative spaces including Suyama Space in Seattle. Her commissioned public artworks include projects for the GSA’s Art in Architecture Program, Washington State Arts Commission, The City of Seattle, Cleveland Clinic, Michigan State University, and corporate clients including ConocoPhillips and Microsoft. Once Upon a Time is curated by Emily Zimmerman, Director and Curator, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington.
For more information on her work, visit


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