ARTSPEAK RADIO End O’ March Extravaganza

ARTSPEAK RADIO, Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 90.1fm KKFI Kansas City Community Radio,

Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd talks with Christine Boutrous Grants & Awards Programs Manager Charlotte Street Foundation, Kershaun McKinney Manager, Audience Engagement Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Steven Curtis UrbanWorks LLC, and Perry Shephard author and poet.

CHRISTINE BOUTROUS Grants & Awards Programs Manager Charlotte Street Foundation and KERSHAUN MCKINNEY Manager Audience Engagement Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

In partnership with the Charlotte Street Foundation, the Nelson-Atkins is excited to transform the previously known Charlotte Street Artists Walks to the newly revamped Charlotte Street Artists’ Virtual Walks. Featuring CSF’s 2020 Award Fellows—Vi Tran, Kathy Liao, Cory Imig, Stacy Busch, and Glyneisha Johnson. Zoom in is as each local artist briefly discusses their work and the role and impact the museum’s collections have had on their artistry.

Past Artists Walks: From 2011-2015, four Charlotte St artists led individual walking tours at the Nelson-Atkins highlighting 3-4 collection pieces meaningful to them, followed by a presentation of each artists’ work. As with so many, COVID19 greatly impacted our forms of onsite public engagement so this new digital version with our community partner, Charlotte Street Foundation, allows us to connect our audiences with our incredibly talented Kansas City artists in an interactive, fun and engaging way from their personal creative spaces.
Since 1997, Charlotte Street’s Visual and Generative Performing Artist Awards have supported over 125 outstanding artists living in Kansas City through annual, unrestricted cash awards distributed directly to the artists. Charlotte Street envisions Kansas City as a dynamic home for artists of various career stages and disciplines to thrive, while serving as natural catalysts for an exciting, innovative, and culturally rich city.
Each Virtual Walk is a 30 minute Zoom webinar
People can reserve their FREE tickets online at, or call 816-751-1278; (1) Artists’ Virtual Walk: Vi Tran | Facebook (website link once it’s up)
Each Walk is presented with live captioning

Wednesday, April 7, 6:30-7pm Virtual Event
“I am a generative performing artist and don’t identify just as a musician or a songwriter or an actor or a playwright, I kind of identify as an architect. I like to build blueprints for things but instead of buildings, I like to build stories.”

Wednesday, May 5, 6:30-7pm Virtual Event
“I am an Asian-American artist who explores the fluid state between experience, memory, and place. As an immigrant, the distance between myself and my family in Taiwan is palpable, especially in these times; my work explores that space in between and the immensity of being in limbo, for what comes next.”

Wednesday, June 2, 6:30-7pm Virtual Event
“I create large-scale site-specific installations that alter spaces physically, visually, and temporally. My work asks the viewer to imagine space differently, including how it interacts with their body, how they move through it, and the objects within it.”

Wednesday, July 7, 6:30-7pm Virtual Event
“I am a composer/performer who utilizes my voice with electronics to build unique sound worlds.”

Wednesday, August 4, 6:30-7pm Virtual Event

STEVEN CURTIS; UrbanWorks LLC- We are a community investment organization. We invest in the human capital of communities through engagement, education, and service.

Our team works in communities, both large and small, to engage,
and bring people together. We listen to their voices, hear their concerns and help
them to find solutions.

Our team works with select populations to focus on greening
initiatives in their communities. We engage youth as part of the process of
building community gardens, encouraging healthy eating, exercise, and helping
communities to be more sustainable.

Our team uses Art as a tool to engage youth and to inspire them to
use art to address community concerns and create an identity of your community.
We focus on developing programs that promote green initiatives, using art as a tool to solve problems, and helping youth to be agents of change in their neighborhoods.

UrbanWorks LLC works with for and non-profit organizations to build engaging communities and safe environments. Want to know more? Check out our Youtube Video! You can email us, direct message us on our Facebook page, or stop by a Friday morning coffee.

UrbanWorks LLC 401 N. 14th St. Kansas City KS 66102

PERRY SHEPARD-The Hero Versus Me & Monkey Jo chronicles of adventures of Henry Neis who arrives in Vietnam an innocent youth from Kansas, and quickly falls in with addicts and lost souls. Perry Shepard’s prose pulls us into the “scene” immediately, and propels us on a journey that is at times exhilarating, shocking, funny, and moving. A rollicking read and an eye-opening look at the Vietnam War.
Perry L. Shepard is a Vietnam veteran who has written two novels: The Hero versus Me and Monkey Jo, and Hard Love. He is working on his third novel called Wolfgang about a truck driver who sells his soul to the devil. He recently compiled his only poetry collection to date titled, A Rhythmic Circus Of Sound Part 66: ARECOSPart 66. He has co-written two plays in the anthology titled, Annabelle. He has also been published in newspapers, college poetry collections, and fanzines.

He was a board member on a Community Radio Station in Salt Lake City (KRCL), a radio music programmer, and one of the founders of the Utah Music Association. He was the Mayor and President of Harveysburg Village Council in Harveysburg, Ohio. He owned and operated the Painted Word Emporium in SLC, Utah—a restaurant, art and performance space. He drove trucks, and shrimp fished out of Arransas Pass, Texas.
Shepard won second place in the Eber and Wein’s Best American Poetry of 2013, and an honorable mention in Writer’s Digest’ 84th annual Poetry Competition.

Shepard is a board member of (SMAG) South Mass Art Guild in Lawrence Kansas, and is a visual artist. He has work with youth in crisis for the past 29 years.


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