ARTSPEAK RADIO + Firesign Theatres Phil Proctor, JDale, and Jason Buice

Wednesday June 5, 2019 noon-1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI Kansas City Community Radio, streaming live

Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes Firesign Theatres Phil Proctor, High Priestess JDale, and singer/songwriter Jason Buice.

Phil Proctor was born of Amish/Irish ancestry in Goshen, Indiana and his God-given musical and linguistic talents (he speak 7 languages) have taken him from Broadway, where he appeared in The Sound of Music and A Time for Singing and Off-Broadway in The Amorous Flea, across the U.S., Canada, event to the former Soviet Union with the legendary Yale Russian Chorus.

He started as a child actor on live television in New York and went on to win a Theatre World award, be cited as Best Actor by the LA Free Press for John Guare’s Muzeeka at the Mark Taper Receive 3 Grammy nominations with The Firesign Theatre and then won 3 daytime Emmies and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Rugrats, as the voice of Howard, as well as sharing in several Academy Awards in numerous Disney and Pixar movies and the animé, Spirited Away.

Besides being the announcer on the reality show Big Brother for 3 seasons, he’s supplied voices for countless commericials and interactive games, including the deceptive computer in Headlander as the evil Dr. Vidic in Assassin’s Creed, and in L. Ron Hubbard’s Golden Age of Pulp Fiction series an award-winning Battlefield Earth for Galaxy Press, but he is most widely recognized as the drunken French Monkey in Eddie Murphy’s Dr. Doolittle series, Seahorse Bob in Finding Nemo, Charlie in Monsters, Inc. and most recently Pixar’s Inside Out.

His film, TV, and stage appearances are too numerous to list, but with The Firesign Theatre 4-man group—listed as one of the “Thirty Greatest Acts of Time” by Entertainment Magazine—he’s appeared for over a half-a-centruy on LPs, CDs, DVD, and on stage, TV and screen in Zachariah, Got Clowns, Everything You Know is Wrong, Hot Shorts, The Madhouse of Dr. Fear with Don Adams, and Proctor & Bergman in their overdubbed Republic cliffhanger cult hit, J-Men Forever.

In 2001, Firesign created Fools in Space, a monthly 2-hour live show on XM Satellite Radio which won the NY International Radio Festival’s Golden Award for Best Continuing Comedy Series, and Weirdly Cool, a one-hour PBS Special, hosted by fans like Robin Williams, George Carlin, John Goodman and Chevy Chase.

Before Bergman and Austin’s demise, they continued to enjoy sold-out tours and performed at the London Comedy Store for BBC4 radio, also featuring Mort Sahl, Stan Freberg and Bob Newhart as comics who influenced British comedy.

They received the Norman Corwin Award for Excellence in Broadcasting, and most of their clips, albums, videos, radio shows and books are available at and their album Don’t Crush that Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers was inducted as a historical recording into the Library of Congress in 2006, where he later appeared with his partner Dave Ossman in a command performance of The Firesign Theatre or What’s Left of It at the Coolidge Amphitheater after they acquired their archive for 6 figures.

Phil and his talented, Melinda Peterson, traveled to Dublin for many years to act in Roger Gregg’s Crazy Dog Audio Theatre radio series as well as performing in staged audio plays in Owensboro, Kentucky for the International Mystery Writers’ Festival, where they made Kentucky Colonels.

He has toured the U.S. and Canada in a one-man reading of Don Quixote with the LA Guitar Quartet and was seen onstage performing multiple roles in the world premier of For Piano and Harp, written by and starring Dan Castellaneta. His latest stage appearances was as the Doctor in The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh with Anaeus; and he recently launched his memoir, Where’s My Fortune Cookie? co-authored by Brad Schreiber and available on Amazon, as he approaches his 65th year in Show Business.

His satirical political comedy, God Help Us, co-authored by Samuel Joseph is currently touring U.S. starring Ed Asner as God; and last year he was honored at the HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City, Missouri as he launched the podcast and audiobook version of “Where’s My Fortune Cookie?” which has already received 3 Communicator Awards!

Phil Proctor will appear at the HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival. The HEAR Now:The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival is the audio equivalent of a film festival for contemporary audio storytelling in all its forms: live and scripted solo performances; multi-voiced, classic radio drama; experimental narrative; and much more. This four-day Festival offers a multi-faceted program showcasing the many genres of audio fiction and sound art storytelling in theaters and other “listening” venues throughout the Country Club Plaza and Westport communities in Kansas City, MO. The Festival presents audio fiction programs that exemplify traditions of craftsmanship, as well as aesthetic, and technological innovation. 

The HEAR Now Festival is a gathering place where the work of master storytellers is celebrated and shared. In addition, the Festival exposes its audiences to recent developments in audio preservation by showcasing newly restored and archived award-winning audio dramas.

The Festival’s live and recorded programming bring together invited Guest Artists and registered participants in shows that vary from classic radio to sound art installations. Audio drama, audiobooks, recorded, and live storytelling, including spoken word, sketches, and poetry are all featured.

Important also to  HEAR Now’s programming are academic level presentations focusing on audio art and story-telling, with an eye toward contemporary media outlets for work produced. These are offered as moderated discussions and panels to encourage an exchange of ideas between artists.

Workshops presented by invited faculty, whose award-winning skills, offer performers, producers, and podcasters registered in these master classes, tools needed to grow their performance, production, and marketing and distribution abilities.

HEAR Now  is a truly immersive experience in all aspects of the art and craft of audio fiction and sound art story-telling.

HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival
June 6-9, 2019
Kansas City, MO
A project of the
National Audio Theatre Festivals (NATF)
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[email protected]

Owner of The Amble Maisha, JDale, was born into her gifts as a prophetic seer and healer. As an Anointed High Priestess, her spiritual practice utilizes a holistic approach to assist others in their healing. While addressing the needs of the mind, body, soul and spirit, JDale does not use tarot cards or any other tool of divination to conduct her services. With her gifts, she relies solely on her connection with the spiritual realm to deliver messages and actions of healing.

Lawrence based singer songwriter, Jason Buice joins us to talk about his new 5 song EPBoth Sides to be released on June 7. Both Sides was produced by David George and recorded and mixed by Pat Tomek (of The Rainmakers and Howard Iceberg & The Titanics). Both Sides contains five original songs written by Jason Buice and arranged by David George. Both Sides contains five original songs written by Jason Buice and arranged by David George. Many local artists appear throughout the album including Kristin Hamilton (Under the Big Oak Tree), Mark Verbeck (Scotch Hollow) and touring bluegrass artist Caleb Ryan Martin. The album is best described as Indie Folk/Americana music.
Jason approached the multi-talented David George and asked him to produce. David agreed and helped Jason develop the songs to a new height he wouldn’t have discovered on his own. David has treated each song as his own and helped Jason grow in his expression of songs. Jason and David were also fortunate enough to record with Pat Tomek (The Rainmakers) at his home studio. Pat is an excellent drummer and did incredible work engineering and mixing each song in addition to lending his powerful drums to the mix. The cherry on top was having Duane Trower master the album at Weights & Measures. 
Jason loved collaborating with other musicians he admires: Caleb Ryan Martin, Kristin Hamilton, Michael Turnbo, Mark Verbeck, Marco Pascolini and Nathan Reeves Nall contribute their talents to the ep.
Instagram: @brother_jb
Twitter: Buice_Tweets

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