ARTSPEAK RADIO with Joe Williams, Cheryl Eva Acosta, Sandy Van Tuyl, & Joshua Smith

Wednesday February 7, NOON to 1pm CST
Host/producer Maria Vasquez Boyd talks with Founder After Action Network Joe Williams, artist/designer Cheryl Eva Acosta, artist Sany Van Tuyl, and writer Joshua Smith.

Joe Williams founder, After Action Network is creating a new culture in the way we help today’s heroes. AAN is a community network engagement platform designed to thank veterans for our freedoms and to thank you for your service to our veterans.

AAN is a cooperative-based partnership system that provides services and programs to CIVILIANS and VETERANS through a national network comprised of nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies. We bridge your interests, activities, and hobbies to veterans and their families transitioning home.
We connect civilians and veterans to programs and services you already do and enjoy. So, whether it’s yoga, art classes, integrated medicine (nutrition, equine therapy, meditation, etc.), to getting jobs and housing – even going to sporting events, concerts, business and tech opportunities, art gallery shows, or even simply getting a cup of coffee – we are there to help you help our heroes feel welcome and supported during their transition home.
Through questionnaires and surveys, we use our technology to match you and veterans to the desired programs and services in the AAN according to your needs and wishes. Our database systems scour our network for programs and services from integrated medicine to alternative career fields, or even just a cup of joe.

B1V1 is a community engagement tool and charitable sales promotion platform that allows companies, businesses, and nonprofits to offer services and/or programs to civilians and for a small additional cost we provide the same services and/or programs to veterans at little to no cost.
All proceeds from B1V1 go toward getting veterans and their families into positive and constructive outlets, much-needed retreats, alternative therapies, career and housing opportunities, and much, much more.
[email protected]

Cheryl Eva Acosta designs sculptural jewelry inspired by the Cycle of Life that provides a modern and innovative quality to those seeking to express their unique and venturous spirit. Her French Caribbean background has inspired her sensibility and appreciation for coastal life and contemporary fashion. Her designs are organic, sculptural and colorful in nature yet minimal and refined. A combination of materials such as silver, gold, copper, enamel, and fabric are used to sculpt her fine art pieces. Each creation is a treat for those seeking to acquire a handmade touch to their collection or gift to a loved one.

Art for a Cause-As a native of Puerto Rico yet a Kansas City, MO resident, I have been creating this silver pendant and heart shape earrings to provide financial relief to our recently devastated island of PR caused by Hurricane Maria. We suggest a $65 donation for each necklace or a greater contribution if desired and $40 for the earrings. Proceeds are sent to ISER Caribe, a leading research, educational and outreach organization in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean. They are actively helping people who have lost everything by the hurricane.
We are eager to work with organizations who are interested in partnering to further raise money and awareness to help the island. For inquires email at [email protected]
The two-time Inspiration Grant recipient, Cheryl Eve Acosta has been selected to be the ArtsKC’s featured visual artist for the awards luncheon. Her sculptural jewelry is inspired by the “Cycle of Life” specifically marine biology. During her MFA training at the Rhode Island School of Designs, Cheryl created a unique way of fusing copper over fabric and glass transforming mundane materials into one of a kind organic adornments. Her handmade creations are both stand alone to wearable art forms capturing elements of birth, growth, to the fossilization of corals; a distinctive theme to her storyline. Cheryl’s fine art has been featured in international, national and regional exhibitions including a current exhibit at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art “Women to Watch/ Metals and previously at the Georgia Museum, SOFA Chicago, Wayne Art Center, Sarasota Art Center, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Le Arti Orafe, among others. She also holds an Entrepreneurial Scholarship certificate from the UMKC’s Regnier Institute.
Cheryl Eve Acosta was commissioned to design a brooch for former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and has wall art collected by private organizations including the Truman Medical Center. She has participated in numerous fashions such as the West 18th St. Fashion Show, TMC’s Fashion for a Cause, Kansas City Fashion Week and recently New York City Fashion Week. Her entrepreneurial side has also inspired her to create a new way of wearing jewelry called TATTUAGE- reusable metal jewels that adheres to the skin. Cheryl creates her avant-guard designs at her KC Crossroads studio/showroom.
“My passion for the arts transcend beyond making fine sculptural objects. I seek to bring awareness about our need to preserve marine life and our planet at large. As an advocate myself, I also want to bring people together and fuse in their mind the importance for us to continue nourishing creativity. Whether art is used to adorn an office, educate or heal it will always serve as a conduit to a healthier community.”
Cheryl’s distinct copper fused fabric and enamel copper sculptures will be the focus of the pre-event exhibition and she will take it a step further with live models. Six unique glass copper vessels have been specially commissioned and will be presented as awards to the organizations and individuals honored at the event for their exemplary leadership in the arts. Cheryl will also be designing original artwork to be displayed on all tables, by creating interactive centerpieces serving as a reminder to our cultural community to stay dynamic and connected.

Sandy Van Tuyl-1000 Footsteps Tell the Story – Carter Art Center, Penn Valley,
As of 2016 there were 65.6 million displaced persons in the world, 22.5 million were refugees half of that number are children. From UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency
1000 Footsteps Tell The Story is an exhibition to show the journey story of refugees focusing on those who now call the greater metro area home. This story, told through various mediums, reflects the struggles and the joys of these individuals. The show will include storytelling quilts and paintings created by refugees, photography and drawings that help give voice to their story. The collaboration of the Carter Art Center, local artists and advocacy groups for refugees make this show possible since many refugees need protection against violence against themselves or family members still living in war torn areas.

Presentations on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday nights. For schedule and details;

Carter Art Center
Metropolitan Community College Penn Valley
3201 SW Trafficway KCMO

Joshua Smith A.K.A. Ghost – I got my nickname from a coach because of how quick I was but I kept it as a nickname because I live by my Ghost which is my spirit. I started writing poetry as a daily diary to help me clear my thoughts on how I felt and what I see in the world that really gets to me. I started writing poetry consistently for 2 years and 2 months. It is very therapeutic to me and it relieves a lot of stress. The more I kept writing poetry, the fun it became which helped me enjoyed it even more. Now I have a poetry blog that I constantly write poems on. My poem are not just words but inspiration and motivation because I want uplift people through my poetry. My blog site is

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