ARTSPEAK RADIO with the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Deaf Cultural Center, and Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery

Host /Producer Maria Vasquez Boyd talks with Paul Schofer, President & Chief Executive Officer for the Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts, Sandra Kelly, CEO, Executive Director for the Deaf Cultural Center, Jenny Mendez Director of Mattie Rhodes Art Center & Anthony Marcos Rea, Cultural Arts Coordinator on ARTSPEAK RADIO.

Paul Schofer, Presidenet & Chief Executive Officer Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts-Future Stages Festival is a FREE annual community event that turns a spotlight on youth performances and family-friendly programming. Each year the festival puts more than 600 talented young performers on stage before live audiences. In 2016, more than 5,000 people attended Future Stages Festival.
Each year, approximately 25 groups are selected to perform through a competitive process that includes review by a local selection committee. By completing the form below, your group enters the selection process. Groups selected to perform will be notified by e-mail by late April whether or not they have been chosen to perform.

4th Annual Future Stages Festival
Sunday, June 25, 2017
11: 00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
1601 Broadway Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64108

Performance groups must be comprised primarily of youth performers between the ages of 5 – 18 years of age and groups are expected to have been actively performing in the community (ex. 3-5 annual performances) for a minimum of 2 years. Performance groups must have a minimum of 5 performers. Strong consideration will be given to larger groups (25+).

Performance groups should be available during the entire festival day from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm as specific performance time slots are determined at a later date. Performance groups are expected to provide their own costumes, music or accompaniment (if needed) and transportation to and from the event. A stipend of $200 is awarded to each performance group to help cover the cost of transportation or associated performance expenses.

The festival features three stages – Muriel Kauffman Theatre, Helzberg Hall and the Future Stages Outdoor Stage. Performance groups will be assigned a stage based upon type of program as well as production requirements. Groups will receive further instructions and logistical information after being selected to perform at Future Stages Festival. Cancellations must be made no less than (4) weeks prior to the event.

Sandra Kelly, CEO, Executive Director for The Deaf Cultural Center-
The Deaf Cultural Center’s mission is to provide educational and resourceful programs and activities to inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of the lives of diverse deaf people, including their language, culture, experiences, achievements and contributions worldwide.

Vision Statement:
A world of positive interaction and cultural cooperation between diverse deaf and hearing persons and organizations.

Values Statements:
• The Deaf Cultural Center is dedicated to increasing public understanding and awareness of the historical and modern experience of deaf people, cultural expressions of Deaf culture, arts and humanities. Our goal is to foster mutual understanding and cultural cooperation between deaf and hearing people. For our purposes, the word, deaf, includes people of all walks of life and all types of hearing loss.
• The Deaf Cultural Center strives to be a model of unbiased diversity, inclusion and information about people with hearing loss. Our Deaf Cultural Center Foundation Board of Directors, Deaf Cultural Center staff and volunteers reflect the broad range of hearing loss, education, communication choices, cultures, expertise and walks of life that proudly constitute our society.
• We respect, value, and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, perspectives and communications/accessibility choices that make each deaf and hearing person who they are. We also believe that bringing together these diverse individuals allows us to collectively and more effectively foster and encourage goodwill among ourselves as well as understanding and respect for human diversity.
• We recognize and honor the vitality, richness and diversity of the language, art, knowledge, history and values of the deaf community. We value and appreciate the richness of Deaf culture and American Sign Language.
• These core values are to be reflected in our relationships, strategies and actions.
Telephone (913) 782-5808

Jenny Mendez, Director of Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery & Anthony Marcos Rea, Cultural Arts Coordinator As part of Women’s History Month the Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery is proud to present our 2nd Annual exhibition titled “MUJER/WOMAN: Latina Artists as Examiners, Documenters, and Creators”. This exhibition highlights the multidimensionality of being a Woman Artist of Color in this point in time, history and location while looking closely at the role the Artist plays in their respective communities. Highlighting the individual practice or collective efforts – MUJER/WOMAN is a opportunity to celebrate the work coming from Woman Artists of Color in Kansas City and the larger Midwest region.

March, 3rd, 2017 / 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery / 919 West 17th Street, KCMO
[email protected]

– Celia Ruiz Calderón (Kansas City, MO)
– Sharon Rodriguez (Olathe, KS)
– Vania Soto (Kansas City, MO)
– Christina Erives (Kansas City, MO)
– Coco Rico (Kansas City, MO)
– Sue Moreno (Kansas City, MO)
– Marbel Mattsson (Kansas City, MO)
– RosaLinda Martinez Avilés (Kansas City, MO)
– Jasmine Mendez (Kansas City, MO)
– Ruby De La Fuente Art (Edinburg, TX)

– Resin & Bottle Cap Pins & Magnets / Gallery Workshop
– SATURDAY, March 11th 2017 / 1:00pm – 3:00pm.
This workshop instructs participants in the creation of resin jewelry and/or bottle cap pins. Join us and learn how to work with resin in your jewelry or craft work while creating 2-3 pieces focused on portraits of important woman of color. Participants are encouraged to bring thier own favorite imagery however all materials are included in workshop price.

– Making Space as Artists & Community / Gallery Discussion
– SATURDAY, March 25th 2017 / 1:00pm – 2:30pm.
This talk invites current artists and groups to discuss the presence and impact of Woman Artists of Color and their role as community workers, collectives and full time Artists. Bring ideas, share what you know about your own group or a collective elsewhere and ways we can foster support as Women Artists of Color in Kansas City and the region. Sponsor: Mattie Rhodes Center Art Gallery.


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