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Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes special co-host Tj Templeton artist/curator/director Bunker Center for the Arts, writer Frank Lingo, and artist Kyle Selley.

TJ TEMPLETON is an interdisciplinary artist and Kansas City native. His work has been collected for over 30 years nationwide and been featured in such outlets as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, ArtMove Magazine, and the Martin Scorsese screening room at the Tribeca Film festival. He is currently the artist-in-residence at the Bunker Center for the Arts, where he maintains his studio and curates the gallery’s inventory of over 20 local, regional, and international artists.

Bunker Center for the Arts, 1014 E. 19th St. KCMO, Wed. – Sun. 12-6pm 816.866.8350

FRANK LINGO wrote as a columnist for The Kansas City Star for 6 years. He was the only opinion columnist for a major U.S. daily newspaper who was specifically dedicated to environment. Lingo writes on the climate crisis, sustainable solutions, endangered species, etc. He is currently a columnist for The Progressive Populist, a left-leaning national journal that also features Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, and Jim Hightower.
Lingo is also the author of a novel entitled Earth Vote. A free excerpt is available at
Climate chaos, renewable energy, endangered species, environmental racism, fresh water viability, ocean pollution and electric transportation are among the issues I cover regularly. To avoid harping on gloom and doom, I try to write a humor piece about every third column. This includes nature’s paper of record: The Gnu Yak Thymes, in which I “interview” plants and animals about their unique views of Earth’s condition.
I give credit to lawmakers who do positive things for our ecology. Unfortunately, here in America, that’s unusual. So I typically give the politicians hell. If you like my writing, please share on social media.
GreenBeat environmental commentary climate crisis solutions, endangered species

KYLE SELLEY – Spiritual Renderings express the evolution of my own spiritual life and recent growth. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I got sober, improved my diet, made commitments to charity, and began studying vipassana, ethics, and stoicism, through teachers like Sam Harris, and John Vervaeke, along with ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Seneca. These experiences have brought a sense of peace and acceptance, which is channeled through my art practice. My work is produced through experimentation, intuition, innovation, and moment-to-moment reactions to the aberrant marks created by fireworks. It is a balance between control and acceptance. As my mind has found peace and tranquility, the aesthetic of my work has organically been influenced. Sometimes these changes are deliberate, but they also occur unconsciously, and I retrospectively investigate them.
Nostalgia and spirituality are intrinsic to the human experience, yet mysterious and not easily defined. They are deeply individualistic and sacred. These transcendental occurrences are closely linked through their sublime and ephemeral nature. My art practice continues to evolve through nostalgic contemplation and spiritual growth, along with my understanding of these concepts and their convergence.

Saturated Subconscious, January 24 – March 3
Avila University Thornhill Gallery 11901 Wornall

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