Artspeak Radio + Miller Bogart, TL Williams, & Shawn Stewart

Artspeak Radio, Wednesday, February 8, 2023, noon – 1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI Kansas City Community Radio, streaming live audio

Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes poet/community activist, producer TL Williams, gallery owner/curator Miller Bogart, and musician/community activist Shawn Stewart.

MILLER BOGART- A Solo Exhibition by Cesar Lopez
Opening reception: Friday, Febuary 10th from 5 pm to 8 pm
Gallery Bogart is pleased to present Equidistant a Cesar Lopez Solo Exhibition. This exhibition will showcase a series of new works that explore the artist’s personal journey as an immigrant and the complexities of national identity and belonging. Lopez’s work often features symbols such as flags, maps, and globes, which he uses as a way to express his complex relationship to geography. In “Equidistant,” Lopez presents structures that come together to form his personal interpretation of the globe.

Gallery Bogart is an exhibition space for emerging and established contemporary artists, located in Kansas City, Missouri. Our curatorial program explores a wide range of interdisciplinary practices and educational projects that foster the rapprochement between collectors and contemporary art. We offer a service of artistic excellence and quality.
The distinctive feature of Gallery Bogart is the focus on Latin American art. Our goal is to bring the most talented Latin American artists to Kansas City, considering that there are opportunities for these artists in the local art circuit. Latin American artists are the most absent in museum and commercial gallery collections. We are committed to increasing their exposure in the United States. Our program, reflects a new approach to interpretation, demonstrating that Latin American contemporary art is not a niche or a homogeneous interest.
Gallery Bogart collaborates with various projects that encourage exchange, reflection, and interest in contemporary art. These activities are in constant dialogue with the work the gallery exhibits.

Gallery Bogart is located at 1400 Union Avenue KCMO 816.739.8571

TERENCE WILLIAMS, BRANDON ELLINGTON, ANGELINA TINOCO, & MONIQUE ARELLANO join us to talk about the inner school poetry jam & women of poetry collaboration with the Westside neighborhood at Mattie Rhodes in honor of Women’s History Month in March.

SHAWN STEWART-Shawn Stewart is a performer with multiple songs in the TV/Film Sync Publishing Catalog with the #4 song of 2020, #1 in 2021 on KC radio and over 20 mil streams on SoundCloud. His daughters describe him as a Wes Anderson character.

Stewart has added 3 songs to the TV Film Pub catalog in calendar ’22, became engaged in 2022 and is releasing new music, “Let’s Just Say” was first.
By spring, “Easter Eggs” will release. “This production has been carefully compiled with hidden sounds and messages…Easter Eggs. If we did it correctly, the messages you hear will change slightly between listening sessions. Buckle up. You’re on a rollercoaster, teetering between the world of senses and nethers, as well as between analog and digital worlds. The songs rarely follow a linear pattern. They will jump the track at the strangest of places and you’ll find yourself in the matrix, video games, other eras and occasionally other strata of consciousness.

Stewart adds, “My stupid human trick is the things I memorized as kid in the 70’s 80s: I can give you the date (within a year) of any classic song or album from the 60s-80s, any classic movie star’s DoB, most classic movie releases, any world series pairing from the 70’s and any super bowl pairing-60’s through 80s, date of any Connery Bond movie and I’ll come close on any bond movie, DoB of any classic rocker: 60’s thru 90s. Yeah, I was a strange kid. I just read and memorized stuff.”


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