ARTSPEAK RADIO presents, Alan Chebot, Maria Ogedengbe, Gary Kuntz, Jameson Bayles, & Philip Hooser

This week on ARTSPEAK RADIO, Maria talks with director Alan Chebot, artist Maria Ogedengbe, storyteller Gary Kuntz, poet/writer Jameson Bayles, and actor/playwright/co-host of The Tenth Voice Philip Hooser.

Director Alan Chebot’s recently completed feature-length documentary, “OUTERMOST RADIO” was just selected by the 2015 Kansas International Film Festival . The film, four years in the making, takes an intimate look at a close community on the remote tip of Cape Cod. Far from the mainland and out of the mainstream light, they are committed to keeping their freedom of expression and their non-profit community radio station alive. It’s all wrapped in a backdrop of great music, stunning natural beauty and an unforgettable cast of characters. There’s even a live performance by The Blind Boys of Alabama mixed in.
The film has already been critically acclaimed and well received by audiences at the 2015 Provincetown International Film Festival in which it won the coveted John Schlesinger Award! Now we’re onto our Mid-West premiere at this year’s KIFF
The film’s director, Alan Chebot, is available for interviews in the weeks leading up to the screening on November 6th,2015. We would love the opportunity to tell your listeners about our documentary.
To learn more about the film and read some of the press generated by the Provincetown showings of the film, including a piece on NPR’s “All Things Considered’ Please visit:

Maria Ogedengbe works across a range of disciplines, most often with projects that unite textile arts with a painter’s concerns. Ms. Ogedengbe earned her MFA from Yale University School of Art in Painting/Printmaking, and her studio, ESTUDIO mariaurora, is located in Kansas City’s West Bottoms. She has completed projects and residencies in Mexico, Spain, and Nigeria – including hands-on research in textile arts in Lagos and Abeokuta. Solo exhibitions of her work have been held in galleries at the University of Lagos, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo in Oaxaca, Mexico, among other venues.

Twin billboard images relate the story of a painting contest recorded in Socrates’ day by Pliny the Elder:
A painting of grapes by one artist was so realistic that birds flew down and pecked at it. Then the first artist reached to draw back a drape covering the second artist’s work… only to find that the drape itself was painted ! And so, the second artist was declared the winner. The hand-dyed drape pictured makes a case for textile arts as a medium for painting.”

Gary Kuntz discusses the Storytelling Spectacular 16th Annual Kansas City Storytelling Celebration, November 7 @ 7:00 pm
The 16th Annual Kansas City Storytelling Celebration features a lineup of lively stories, anecdotes, myths, legends, and lessons.
Founded in 1999 with the help of the River and Prairie Storyweavers,
the annual Kansas City Storytelling Celebration has grown from a small group of local tellers to a nationwide event. The original goal of fostering and healthy dialogue about diversity and community involvement has grown to include a wider number of individuals each year – from 20,000 in its inaugural year to more than 250,000 in its 12 year run.


Jameson Bayles discusses writing and upcoming events.
Jameson Bayles is the senior editor of Asinimali Publications in Kansas City and has been published in numerous literary journals and magazines. Currently, his work can be found in three books, “The Cataman Years” published by Mistop Publications, “The Artistic Muses” published by True Color Press and the collaborative reader, “A Case For Ascension” by Asinimali Publications. Jameson currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

Philip Hooser talks about the Fabulous Queer Writers family present, #MoranStrong: A Reading for Sandra, An evening honoring the legacy of Sandra Moran, Saturday November 7, 6pm – pm LikeMeLighthouse- KC, 3911 Main St. KCMO

Sandra has helped shape the LGBTQ Literary scene in Greater Kansas City and beyond. Her dedication to education both formal and informal supports and nourishes new and veteran writers.

Her volunteerism in the community is an example of how each of us can influence change as individuals and as a tribe. This evening celebrating Sandra is long overdue. The reading will be recorded and presented to Sandra. Please join the Fabulous Queer Writers family for an evening honoring the legacy of Sandra Moran.

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