ARTSPEAK RADIO with Arts Council of JC, Susanna Lee, and InterUrban ArtHouse

ARTSPEAK RADIO, Wednesday, February 24, 2021, noon – 1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI Kansas City Community Radio, streaming live audio
Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes Sarah Van LanDuyt Executive Director The Arts Council of Johnson County, performer/writer/comedian Susanna Lee, and Angi Cain Hedjuk Chief Executor Officer and Wolfe Brack Operations Manager with InterUrban ArtHouse.

SARAH VAN LANDUYT, Executive Director, The Arts Council of Johnson County- The Arts Council of Johnson County enhances the quality of life in the community by strengthening the arts.
More than just an advocate for the arts, the Arts Council of Johnson County believes that our Johnson County communities have been built on the arts, and that those arts are integral to who we are as individuals and as communities. We exist to bring attention and resources to the vibrant, creative culture of our region, to create and sustain a thriving, connected community. We believe Johnson County is home to some of our greatest artists, and that bringing them together can revitalize and transform all of us.
HeART the Arts
We heART the Arts! They inspire us—fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. The arts bring us joy, help us express our values, reflect on our experiences and foster connected and healthy communities. Over the next few weeks we’ll share why the arts are important to us on our social media with our HeART the Arts campaign. Let us know why the arts are important to you!
Take Home Art Kits
Created with the Johnson County Mental Health Center and Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center, the art kits are a great way to take a break and do something creative. Each kit includes art supplies and a creative activity. We’ll release a new art kit, inspired by 1 of 5 artworks from our Resiience, Reflection, Rebuilding Artists Respond to COVID exhibit, each week.
Pick yours up at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center today!
Creative Conversation with Susan Mong- Susan Mong is the Superintendent of the Culture Division at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. Among many things, Susan sits on the Johnson County Public Art Committee and we will also be discussing her role within JCPRD!
Event by Arts Council of Johnson County
Online with Facebook Live
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 3 PM CST
Price: Free
Public: Anyone on or off Facebook
The Arts Council of Johnson County
8788 Metcalf Ave Ste 2500, Overland Park, KS 66212
Phone: (913) 894-2720

SUSANN LEE/LUCKY DELUXE, author/comedian/performer, Lee has performed her one-woman shows throughout the United States. She is a standup comic, storyteller, and patron saint to provocateurs everywhere. She’s been professionally touring the country since August 1996, when the Kramer International Entertainment group of WhoCaresville, Michigan booked her on a college comedy tour, with a show titles, “You Laugh You Lose.” It was every bit as rigorously dispiriting as the title of teh show would suggest, but her passion for performing survived, and in September 2017, Susanna Lee gave her first TED talk at TEDxKU, on the University of Kansas campus, where she’s also guest lectured on the artistry of stand up comedy.
Nerve Tonic: Comedy! Stories! Life-Coaching! Livestreamed
Livestreamed from Barrel of the Bottoms.
Sat, February 27, 2021, 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM CST
Why get therapy from some goody-goody-two-shoes doctor who finished college and probably never even ran from the cops, when you can get practical advice from people who have been over the edge and lived to laugh about it?
This two-part show features a curated handful of professional comedians who begin by telling you true stories of how they f*cked up their own lives, then sit down and listen to your troubles before offering their practical advice on how to fix yours.
**Audience will be virtual and can dm or comment their troubles!**
Link to the ticketing site for more info:…/nerve-tonic…

InterUrban ArtHouse was founded and developed by local community artist, Nicole Emanuel. We began in 2011 as a series of conversations with artists, arts organizations and civic and business leaders. It was clear there was a void in arts resources and studio facilities for Northeast Kansas.
Our Mission: To enrich the cultural and economic vibrancy of the community by creating a place where artists and creative industries can work and prosper in an affordable, sustainable and inclusive environment.
InterUrban ArtHouse‘s programs have been developed to serve needs identified through our research and community outreach. We continually develop five innovative programs through community, art and civic partnerships: ArtMatters, ArtWorks, ArtsConnect, ArtSmart, and ArtHeals.
ANGI CAIN HEDJUK , Chief Executive Officer discusses Work of Art business classes for creatives, a curriculum created by Springboard For the Arts.
WOLFE BRACK, Operations Manager-
Thursday, 2/25, 10am-11am: Morning Brew interview with Linnaia ( Lin-AY-ah) McKenzie, founder of the Action and Awareness Group of Johnson County (AAGJC). They’ve produced 2 docu-series, I Am George Floyd and Say Her Name, interviewing Black men and women in JOCO about their Experiences with police. Livestreamed on our FB page
AAGJC seeks to bring attention to the social injustices happening across our nation in order to promote change, starting within our local community, through a series of organized events.

Friday, 2/26, 7pm: Listening Room concert, Louder Than a Sound – Local singer, musician, rapper, and poet KC2 (Kent Crockett II) hosts an evening of music, spoken word, and conversations structured around mental well being. Livestreamed on our FB page. The event is free, but donations directly to the artist are gratefully accepted (if I’m allowed to say that on air)

3/19 – 4/16: Her Art / Their Art: InterseXions and Identity – This exhibition is a continuation of our annual Her Art group show in partnership with the UMKC Women’s Center. This year, it focuses on the experiences of artists who identify as female or non binary femme, and examines the “X” in words like “womxn” and Latinx. The exhibition will be both physical and virtual. Small groups of up to 6 can visit in person by appointment only. Schedule by emailing [email protected]
3/25 630 – 730pm- InterseXions and Identity panel discussion with people who identify or are often perceived by society as women. Panelists include trans women, non binary femme folks, and professionals who work with gender rights and discrimination. Zoom
4/10 , 7pm: Listening Room concert with singer / songwriter Julia Othmer, livestreamed on our FB page.
InterUrban ArtHouse 8001 Newton Street, Overland Park, Kansas
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