Artspeak Radio with Captain Osvaldo Navarro, Cesar Lopez, & Abigail Smithson

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Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes Captain Osvaldo Navarro Community Liason with Kansas City, Kansas Police Department, artists Cesar Lopez and Abigail Smithson.

CAPTAIN OSVALD NAVARRO Community Liason with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department discusses working with the community.

Spanish Citizen’s Academy was created to provide an experience for Spanish speaking community to better understand the KCKPD. An 8-week curriculum was developed with two hours each Thursday evening. 2 successful academy classes in Spring and Fall of 2022.

Facebook Live in Spanish, “La Hora con el Capitan!” was created to provide a social media platform for the Spanish speaking community to be able to communicate with KCKPD directly. Every 1st Wednesday of the month at 10am. Hosted guests for Q&A in 2022 such as the Mexican consulate and KCK Mayor Garner. Each monthly video generated thousands of views.

Essential Spanish for LEO classes were created to assist officers in learning the basic Spanish in relation to everyday interactions in the field. 8 week course for one hour each class. Hosted 2 courses with graduates from law enforcement, DA’s office and dispatch. Although geared toward LEO, civilians learned basic conversational Spanish.

“Community Ties with Captain Navarro” where he collaborates with and created by KCKCC media students to showcase what WYCO has to offer in regard to our organizations, businesses, and the people who have made an impact in our city. With the help of the students, we filmed at different locations and told their story. The students receive class credit and in return we professionally done videos. To date we have showcased the Strawberry Hill museum, WYCO museum, KCK PAL, and Krizman’s Sausage.

Captain Navarro started a new initiative called, “Story time with Captain Navarro” where he visits to local participating KCK grade schools and reads children’s books in English and Spanish to promote reading and strengthen the relationship with children and police.

Kansas City Kansas Police Department is located at 700 Minnesota Ave., KCK 66101

CESAR LOPEZ & ABIGAIL SMITHSON- Charlotte Street is pleased to present the upcoming
exhibition clock:work, opening March 17, 2023, from 6-9 PM at the Charlotte Street Gallery. clock:work is a multimedia exhibition which treats sports as a source of inspiration while questioning the institutional bodies that oversee them.

Featuring the work of Maryam Amirvaghefi, Lyndon Barrois
Jr., Tay Butler, Cesar Lopez, Abigail Smithson, Breanne Trammell, and Bradley Robert Ward, clock:work ranges from being critical to celebratory, exploring the individual elements that create a shared culture within sports. The exhibition will remain on view through April 29, 2023.

Sports do not solely exist on TV or on their respective courts and fields; sports are embedded into a shared international culture. Artist Derek Fordjour states that many artists “have grown up with the advent of the sports industrial complex. So artists, as cultural observers, would of course be influenced heavily by such a dominant force coming into view.” A generation of artists have now come of age with sports being intertwined with marketing and visual media. It is natural that an art movement would form from watching, playing and observing sports. The process of responding to everything that sports embody and signify through art allows the maker to unpack institutional issues that exist in a myriad of ways. It is not the sports themselves that carry on ugly legacies of racism and imperialism, or even rouse feelings of nationalism, but also the institutions (such as the NFL, FIFA, or NCAA, to name a few) that oversee and support predatory practices for financial gains. The artists featured in this exhibition are all sports fans; they feel compelled to add their voices to the ongoing dialogue that centers culture around sports as a way to think critically about larger customs and institutions that perpetuate social injustices. The artists also acknowledge the small joys
and beautiful moments of taking part in and watching sports.

Amirvaghefi, Lyndon Barrois Jr.,Tay Butler, Cesar Lopez, Abigail Smithson, Breanne Trammell and Bradley Robert Ward, clock:work explores our time constraints and our individual works. The artists search, collect, photocopy, cut up, appropriate, build, unravel, print and reprint, sew, stitch, wear, and reconfigure visual information that is previously been well played or understood within a certain context, all with the intended goal of encouraging viewers to reimagine previously agreed upon relationships to
sports and their impact.

Opening Reception
March 17, 2023
6PM to 9PM
Charlotte Street Gallery
3333 Wyoming, KCMO, 64111

Charlotte Street centers Kansas City’s most forward-thinking visual artists, writers, and
performers—acting as the primary incubator, provocateur, and connector for the region’s contemporary arts community, and its leading advocate on the national stage. Since 1997, Charlotte Street has distributed over $2 million in awards and grants to artists and their innovative projects, and connected individual artists to each other and to the greater Kansas City community. For more information about Charlotte Street, its awards, programs, and initiatives, visit

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