Artspeak Radio with Hill, Trilling, and Reigeluth

Artspeak Radio, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, noon – 1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI Kansas City Community Radio, streaming live audio
Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes Gayle Hill, artist Gerry Trilling, and artist Jolynn Reigeluth.

GAYLE HILL, Robert’s Song Mental Illness in Prose & Poetry- The poems Robert wrote and illustrated present to the reader raw, deep-rooted feelings. The emotions displayed are piercingly honest. The poems and illustrations give insight into the torment and gut wrenching pain of the disease of the mind and mental illness.
Gayle Hill retired after 30 years of dedicated service to students, parents, and community. Gayle taught K-12 and Special Needs students. She was a Magnet School Curriculum Coordinator and an Achievement First Coordinator for the KCMO school district. She serves on several boards and is a Life Member of the NAACP.
Robert’s Song Mental Illness in Prose & Poetry is available on
[email protected]

GERRY TRILLING is a conceptual artist who presents a personal recounting of the history and assimilation of the American Jewish Diaspora in exquisite deadpan. Her parents escaped the Holocaust, relocating to St. Louis where she grew up in a community of immigrants viewing identity, assimilation and belonging as linked to home environments and material culture. 

While Trilling uses a variety of fabrics to mark the passage of time, she is not nostalgic. She embraces our contemporary material culture, itself omnivorous in the extreme. Nothing is off limits in her unsentimental investigation of the passage from greenhorn to assimilation. Materials, patterns, certain numerical codes are her conceptual signifiers. Her work insists that you, the viewer, reach into your own personal place of memory and association.

Gerry Trilling earned a BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. She has studied weaving, dyeing and paper making, and traveled extensively collecting materials and conducting independent studies in Asia, South America, Australia and Europe with an emphasis on how patterns fit into the larger visual landscape. A summer in New York City engendered a profound awareness of infrastructure, its constant fragmentation and integration relative to memory, fear, anxiety and societal impact.

JOLYNN REIGELUTH is an artist from Des Moines, IA currently living and working in Indianapolis. She earned an M.F.A. in printmaking from Kansas State University in 2015, and has taught printmaking at Indiana Wesleyan University since early 2016.
Reigeluth’s work combines an array of printmaking processes with drawing, painting, and collage to create print and mixed media hybrids. The imagery is fueled by humor and spontaneity, and is filled with an inventiveness and ambiguity of subject that ranges from cheekily adolescent to darkly absurd.


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